15/11/2017 IMAGINARY FIENDS #1 (OF 6) (MR)

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(W) Seeley, Tim (A) Molnar, Stephen (C) Pace, Richard
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'Polly Peachpit.' Those were the words ten-year-old Brinke Calle said when she was found covered in her own blood by the woods in rural Cannon Falls- MN. Her best friend- Melba- had just attempted to murder her because a spider girl named Polly Peachpit told her to. Since that day- Melba has spent seven years in a mental health facility. Tomorrow is her eighteenth birthday. Tomorrow- she'll be transferred to a federal prison. Tomorrow- her real sentence will begin. That is- until she receives a visit from FBI Agent Virgil Crockett. Crockett explains that there is another world beyond ours- where hungry spectral aliens stalk the minds of the impressionable and weak. These things- called IMPs (Interdimensional Mental Parasites) feed on compliance. They convince hosts to do things for them- and the more they feed- the stronger they become. More IMPs stream into the world each day- invisible to everyone but his or her hosts. After years of drugs and counseling- Polly and Melba have developed a unique relationship-and to Crockett- this relationship represents something her people can work with. In exchange for release from prison- Crockett asks Melba (and Polly) to serve as IMP hunters. For Melba- it's a chance to prove that she's innocent- convinced to murder by a monster...a monster she must now unleash.