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(W) Silva, Ed (A) Silva, Ed (C) Camilo, Renato
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The Lizard Queen and her forces are on the assault! But Ivory has a few tricks up her sleeve to defend Saur. Available with a load of lovely covers including a Regular & Sultry Cover by Renato Camilo- Wraparound by Raulo Caceres- a fully-painted Natural Beauty by Jonatas- Luscious by Matt Martin- and Bikini Babes by Ed Silva. A special subset of Breezy covers are available by Christian Zanier- each limited to just 350 copies! Including the Breezy- Moonlight- Topless- Nude- Ultra Adult and Adult Extreme covers on this special limited run series of images. For the erotic art collectors- we have a Century Nude (limited to 100 copies) featuring original pencils by Renato Camilo- as well as the Nude and Sultry Nude by Camilo- Wraparound Nude by Caceres- Natural Beauty Nude by Jonatas- Luscious Nude by Martin- and Bikini Babes Nude by Adrian. We top it off with three Fetish Adult covers - Fetish Adult- Adult Extreme- and Adult Bondage by Zanier. To see the uncensored nude and adult covers- please visit www.boundlesscomics.com.