29/11/2017 LDK GN VOL 11 (C: 1-1-0)

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LDK GN VOL 11 (C: 1-1-0)
(W) Watanabe, Ayu (A) Watanabe, Ayu (C) Watanabe, Ayu
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Aoi's best friend Moe is in love with their high school's prince- Shusei Kugayama. But when Moe confesses her feelings- Shusei turns her down hard- and a furious Aoi takes him to task. So it's quite a shock when Aoi finds out that the boy moving into the apartment next to hers is Shusei! Things go from awkward to intolerable when Aoi accidentally starts a kitchen fire in Shusei's apartment- and is forced to let him move in while the damage gets cleaned up.