30/05/2018 WE ARE DANGER #1 (MR)

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(W) Lelay, Fabian (A) Lelay, Fabian (C) Lelay, Fabian
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Starting as the new girl in your senior year of high school is never easy- and Julie Malliari is having a terrible first day- until she meets Tabitha. After a night out at a rock show- their friendship quickly grows and- before they know it- the two form a band with their sights set on a record deal... they just need to win it in a nationwide Battle of the Bands competition. With Tabitha's rival keen to take the prize for herself- it's a battle not to be missed… From artist and writer Fabian Lelay (Jade Street Protection Services)- colorist Claudia Aguirre (Kim & Kim)- and letterer Taylor Esposito comes this exuberant tale of friendship- growing up- and rock n roll