30/05/2018 JAZZ LEGEND #1

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(W) Lacek, Jc (A) Duarte, Vasco
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There's a peculiar new drug on the streets of Motocity. Its effects are unlike any other- an immersive psychedelic dreamscape with visions of animalistic abominations and god-like humanoids. This is bad news for Martin Comity- a hard-living womanizer who lives for two things: playing jazz and getting his next fix. As Martin's fascination with the drug turns to obsession- his loosening grip on reality becomes more evident by the day. An eccentric writer- the reclusive Benjamin Way- takes an odd interest in Martin's predicament after experiencing visions of his own. Jazz Legend is a neo noir meets cosmic fantasy inspired by the lives and works of jazz great Miles Davis- and the father of beat literature- Mr. William S Burroughs.