Reprints. Cover by Johnny Craig. The Maestro's Hand, script and art by Al Feldstein; A jealous doctor sees a chance to get his revenge on the pianist who stole his fiancé; When the pianist is injured, the doctor amputates his hand. The Living Corpse, script by Al Feldstein, art by Wally Wood; A coroner constantly dreams of being attacked by the corpses he encounters. Madness At Manderville, art by Harvey Kurtzman; A woman feels she is going mad; But, when she and her husband to go to a doctor to have her committed, they get a surprise. Mute Witness to Murder, script and art by Johnny Craig. Rendezvous!, script and art by Johnny Craig. Fission Bait!, script by Al Feldstein, art by Jack Kamen. Come Clean!, script by Al Feldstein, art by Al Williamson and Angelo Torres. Who's Next?, script by Al Feldstein, art by Joe Orlando. 1990-91 Gladstone reprint series. This series can easily be confused with the original series (10c cover priced), the 1991-92 Russ Cochran reprint series, or 1992-99 RC/Gemstone reprint series. 68 pgs, full color.

The picture is an actual scan of the comic     Comic is sold as seen no grades are given.     BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK  NO CANCELLATIONS NO RETURN

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