The Flash: Lighting in a Bottle Book


THE FLASH: LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE graphic novel was originally published as The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1–6, August 2006–January 2007. 

During the catastrophe called the Infinite Crisis, Bart Allen, formerly Impulse, formerly Kid Flash, aged four years in a matter of minutes, with no memory of how he spent the time. Also during the crisis, the Flash suddenly disappeared along with the Speed Force, which powers all of Earth’s speedsters.

A year later, a strange accident gives Bart the power of fantastic velocity and a reconnection to the missing Speed Force. Wanting no part in his family’s legacy, the new Flash tries desperately to strip himself of his powers; but can a man discard his identity?

IMPULSE #1 Originally published in April 1995. 

Bart Allen, alias the speedster known as Impulse, must take on a dangerous group of industrialists, while also adjusting to life as a Junior High student.

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