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Sometimes,  nightmares  walk  the  Earth.  Every  night  when  you  sleep,  the  Lord  of  Dreams  chooses  the  path  you’ll  follow...into a sylvan Elysium, or down the hallways of your darkest fears. And sometimes, if it is Dream’s will, those nightmares escape those halls, and go out into the world. But it is not a choice he makes lightly. Today the Corinthian walks the Earth again. The most feared of all Dream’s nightmares, his ravenous mouths have made  him  a  legend  among  serial  killers.  Letting  the  Corinthian  out  among  mortals  is  the  most  dangerous  thing  Dream could possibly do. But he has no choice—because there is another nightmare walking the Earth, one that must be hunted...and this monster is one that Dream, lord of all nightmares, did not make. Horror-comics superstar James Tynion IV has waited his whole career to pay tribute to the mythos of The Sandman, the work that made him the writer he is today—and that time has come! Designed to welcome new readers into one of the greatest worlds in DC’s library, The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country is a terrifying travelogue through a  nation  recognizable  and  obscene,  which  will  show  you  things  seen  in  no  Sandman  series  ever  before—with  spectacular art by Lisandro Estherren (Redneck, Strange Skies Over East Berlin) and “nightmare” sequences by comics art all-stars, starting with the incredible Yanick Paquette! 


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