The Plot #1 Vault Lines Deluxe Black & White Edition

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Vault Comics is thrilled to announce that, after extremely high demand, The Plot #1 will receive a very special printing as part of the Vault Lines series of deluxe black-and-white editions highlighting the astonishing original inks from Vault artists.

Printed on deluxe heavyweight paper, The Plot #1 Vault Lines Special Edition spotlights the incredible line art of series co-creator and artist, Josh Hixson.

“Aside from expressive character acting and sharply defined gesture, Josh does atmosphere as well as anyone in comics," said Tim Daniel, Vault's VP of Branding and Design. "His command of light and shadow, particularly in a horror comic, is the foundation upon which all else rests in The Plot. From the darkest corners of the Blaine Manor, to a flickering lantern's glow, Josh's highly evocative lines and tones profoundly impact the reader's experience, inviting us all into what his art has made a very real place--one that was once nothing more than some words in a script.

"Very early on we discussed publishing The Plot in black and white. Jordan Boyd signed on and you don't say no to Jordan's colors! However, we're very gratified that readers get to see Josh's work in The Plot as a Vault Lines Special Edition. Everyone seems to agree that doing horror in comics is hard, yet Josh has made it genuinely terrifying."

One of the most critically-acclaimed comics of 2019, The Plot is co-written by Tim Daniel & Michael Moreci, drawn by Josh Hixson, colored by Jordan Boyd, lettered by Jim Campbell, and designed by Tim Daniel.

The Plot #1 Vault Lines Edition (DEC198071) will hit your local comic shop on February 12, 2020.

The official synopsis can read the below:

Widely hailed as the best horror debut of 2019, The Plot #1 returns in a stunning black-and-white edition featuring the astonishing original inks from Josh Hixson, printed on deluxe heavyweight paper.

Praise for The Plot:

"THE PLOT is GREAT! CREEPY as hell, but great. Another winner from Vault Comics." - Brian Michael Bendis

"Deeply deeply impressed with what Moreci, Daniel, and Hixson have cooked up with THE PLOT... Beautiful gothic horror, with great characters and lots of mystery brewing." - James Tynion IV

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